Outdoor Furniture Pads For Legs

Using pads for your outdoor furniture do have several advantages, they get better protected from moisture in the ground and the chair legs won't  get stuck in the lawn or slip into a crack in the terrace. So if you are ready to make your patio, balcony or terrace ready, here are a few products that make life easier for you and your furniture.

1. Outdoor Furniture Feet Protectors

A few of our bestsellers are Classic Outdoor Chair Pads and the Plastic Caps that are working both indoor and outdoor

These round caps works well for chairs, tables and other furniture legs, with a round diameter and are perfect for outdoor use. You will avoid muddy and rusty furniture - and holes in the lawn. Always much appreciated!  They are made of phigh quality plastics and are easily pressed onto your furniture legs.


2. For Outdoor Furniture with Sleds

A common brand that are having sleds as the ground base, are Grythyttan outdoor steel furniture. The caps we got in stock fit Grythyttans Armchair A2, Chair 1, Deck chair A3, Footstool A3, Sofa A3 and chair High Tech. The caps work well for all types of surfaces - wooden terrace, lawn, and concrete surface. In addition, they are easy to assemble. The caps for Grythyttan's brewery series are made of high-quality plastic, have a transparent color, and work just as well indoors as outdoors.

3.Rubber Furniture Ball For Chair Legs

Our solid rubber furniture balls are having a diameter measure of 50 mm. They work excellent for outdoor environments. They are durable, weatherproof and fit several different types of chair legs. As if that were not enough, they have additional benefits such as:

Easy to assemble
Sound absorbents
Protects floors and terraces from scratches
Not sensitive to the angle of the chair legs
Raises the chair 16 mm
Fits most chair leg profiles

4. Outdoor Furniture Glides

These multifunctional outdoor furniture glides are made of pure plastic and are excellent for outdoor furniture in wood. The glides are hammered onto the furniture legs, and they got either nails or a rivet. The glides are working well indoor, often used on carpets. And outdoor, protecting the wooden legs from moist and dampy surfaces. 

5.     Furniture Legs Height Adjusteners 

Give your favorite outdoor table or chair an upgrade they deserve with these furniture height adjusteners. The adjustable pads are made of metal with a rubber surface and go well with rustic wooden furniture. They are firmly attached, do not rust and protect the furniture from moisture and moisture in the ground. In addition, they are adjustable so you can determine the height. What are you waiting for? 

For best results when assembling - mark where in the furniture you want to put the pad and drill a 25 mm deep and about 12 mm wide hole in place. Screw the plug in the hole firmly and then screw in the pad itself in the plug. Then adjust the pad to the height you want.